The Asheville Choral Society has completed scheduled auditions for the Fall season, but additional auditions may be scheduled prior to the start of subsequent Monday night rehearsals if necessary. Applications may be submitted at any time, and you will be contacted right away with information about scheduling. We welcome all interested singers!

Audition Requirements

Your audition will include the following:

  • Prepared piece. Select a piece that you feel best demonstrates your vocal ability. Depending on the applicant, prepared pieces vary from virtuosic arias and art songs to popular and Broadway songs to simple hymns and folk songs. In addition to a copy for yourself, you will need to provide one copy of the music, in the key you will be singing, for accompaniment. Memorization is not required.

  • Vocalization. You will be asked to vocalize to determine range and vocal qualities.

  • Sight-reading. You will be asked to sight-read a short, simple musical selection. You will not be expected to sight-read without piano accompaniment.

  • Foreign language pronunciation. The music director will pronounce a few words or phrases in Latin, German, Italian or French. You will be asked to repeat them.

A typical audition is 10 minutes long. The only people present will be you and the music director who will also be your accompanist.

The Asheville Choral Society welcomes members without regard to age, race, sex, creed, or sexual orientation.

How to Apply for an Audition

To apply for an audition, please complete the following online audition questionnaire, after which you will be contacted to confirm that we have received your request. Once dates have been set, you will be contacted again to schedule your audition. Click the button below to access the online application form:

ACS Audition Application

If you have any questions or have difficulty with the form, please call the ACS office at (828) 232-2060. or send email directly to Melody Goldberg at

Basic Membership Requirements

Regular rehearsals

Regular rehearsals are Monday nights throughout the concert season, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m., at the First Baptist Church at 5 Oak St. in downtown Asheville (enter the rear parking lot from Charlotte St., near the intersection with College St.) The expectation is that choristers will attend all rehearsals possible. Anyone missing three or more rehearsals may be asked to withdraw from singing that concert. A few extra, optional rehearsals may be offered, usually on Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to noon. Attendance is encouraged, but not required.

Dress rehearsals

Either two or three dress rehearsals are scheduled the week of each concert. These rehearsals are from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and attendance is mandatory. ("Dress" rehearsals do not require concert attire.)


ACS usually presents three concerts each season, with one performance on Saturday evening (depending on venue, some concerts may have two or three performances, including on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon). Our performance venues include the Central United Methodist Church on Church St., Trinity Episcopal Church on Church St., and the Diana Wortham Theatre on Pack Square, Asheville.

Chorister costs

Singers are asked to pay dues of $85 per season and to purchase their music, usually $30-$40 per concert. Financial assistance is available. Full-time students are exempt from dues.

Concert dress

Men’s concert attire is black tuxedo, bow tie, cummerbund, shoes and socks with white formal shirt. Women’s concert dress is black long-sleeved full length dress or top & skirt, square or curved neckline; black hose; black shoes; white pearls approximately 18" long. If you need to purchase these, the cost will probably run $60-$90.

Black music folder

All singers must have their music in order and in solid black folders or binders for all dress rehearsals and performances.